Sustainability is a hot topic right now, and for good reason: it's the idea of making our lives better for ourselves and for the planet, one step at a time. We can all do something to be more sustainable - from signing petitions to recycling to buying vintage clothing.

When we shop, we tend to think about the initial cost of an item as well as how much we'll wear it before purchasing it. But when you shop vintage, you're also considering the item's impact on the environment in addition to your budget and closet space. Vintage clothing is an eco-friendly option because it means you're buying fewer new items, which means fewer new materials are being mined and produced in factories. You're also saving energy by not contributing to the manufacturing process, so in addition to saving green, you're also saving cash.

When you buy from Lboro Vintage you're supporting a small business who has taken extra steps toward sustainability by reusing or up-cycling what has already been made instead of adding more stuff into the world that will need more resources to be made (and probably discarded) later on down the line.