LBORO Vintage is a vintage clothing business seeking to bring fresh vintage finds to Loughborough. We work hard to source and supply the garms that will make your wardrobe bang without hurting the environment. Circular fashion should be affordable and accessible which is why our online shop gives you ease of access to quality clothing at an affordable price. 

In 2019, LBORO Vintage was started by two Loughborough University students, Brandon and Michael, who had a passion for sustainable clothing and for people. LBORO Vintage was created in a bid to bring these two things together.  Fast fashion contributes to vast environmental and social costs, many of which are out of sight and out of mind for us as consumers in the West. We however dream of a different reality and want to take small steps towards a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

Brandon has now graduated from his Materials Engineering degree and now works as a Support Worker at the Baca Charity. Michael is in his final year studying Civil Engineering and is a Youth Leader at Open Heaven Church.

Our commitment to circular fashion instead seeks to ensure that we, as a business, play our part in increasing awareness and advocating for better accountability within the fast fashion industry and make it easier for our LV Community to play their part too.

The full LV experience happens at our Pop Up shop events, where LBORO Vintage comes to life. And that’s all down to you! Getting to meet and interact with our LV community in person fills us with so much joy - you’re what makes it for us. Our passion is people and that’s something we’re determined to ensure defines who we are and how this is worked out in practise. We believe our LV community is at the heart of what we do, looking to reach, connect and empower the voices of those we interact with.