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About Us

About LboroVintage ⭐️

LboroVintage is a community based and sustainable vintage clothing business based in Loughborough, UK.  We work hard to source and supply the freshest garms to add to your wardrobe without damaging the environment. 🌱

How it started 👯‍♂️

In 2019, Michael and Brandon developed a passion for sustainable fashion, where it would be affordable and accessible to those in the local community. This is how their story went...   

During the past year, the business expanded its team into making its presence bigger and better (more importantly, young and fresh). We are currently aiming to expand our online presence and reach out to those outside of our current community. 


Sustainability 🪴


Sustainability will always be a hot topic, and for good reason;  it's the idea of improving lives for ourselves and for the planet, one step at a time. 

When we shop, we tend to think about the initial cost of an item as well as how much we'll wear it before purchasing it. But vintage shopping goes further, you're factoring in its environmental impact alongside its budget-friendly option and closet space.  

Choosing vintage is eco-friendly, reducing demand for new materials and energy-intensive manufacturing. By buying from LboroVintage, you support a small business committed to sustainability, reusing and upcycling existing items instead of adding more resources to the world.