LBORO Vintage is a vintage clothing business seeking to provide you with the freshest vintage finds. We work hard to source and supply the garms that will make your wardrobe thrive without damaging the environment.

At LBORO Vintage, we believe Circular Fashion should be affordable and accessible which is why our online shop gives you ease of access to quality clothing at an affordable price.


Say hello to the faces behind LBORO Vintage, Brandon and Michael!


In 2019, whilst Brandon and Michael were studying at Loughborough University, they developed a passion for sustainable clothing. They didn't like the western fast fashion landscape and began dreaming of a different reality where sustainable fashion was accessible to those in their community. Out of this passion, LBORO Vintage was born...


"Our favourite thing about running LBORO Vintage is getting to increase the awareness and passion of sustainable fashion for those who shop with us, as well as providing our customers with the freshest vintage garms!

Our LV community is at the heart of what we do. We are always looking to reach, connect and empower the voices of those we interact with. 

So, don't be a stranger and please get in touch with us through our Contact Us PageWe are so happy you're here and we hope you stick around."