How to identify when your Nike piece was made

How to identify when your Nike piece was made

Have you ever wondered how your new or old Nike jumper was made?


Here at Lboro Vintage, knowing when a vintage piece was made helps us identify how common or rare the piece is and its origin.


Why do we care so much about vintage clothing? Especially vintage Nike? Well, we all know Nike is a global empire, building its brand from the 1980s onwards. But, one of the biggest things we love about vintage is that it not only holds memories from the time it was made, but it's made in significantly fewer quantities with high-quality materials. Pieces made 20 years ago vs 1 year ago are much more rare and unique. They don't follow current trends, so having a vintage piece adds a unique flair to anyone's wardrobe!


How to date using the Care Label

On the care label - either right behind the Nike tag or commonly found inside the garment, on the bottom right - there is a 6-12 character code. The first five/six characters tell you the season the piece was released, what year, and the exact date it was made.

The first two characters represent the season it was released:

⭐️ SP/S - Spring, from January to March

⭐️SU/U - Summer, from April to June

⭐️ FA - Fall, from July to September

⭐️ HO/O - Holiday, from October to December

The next two characters represent the last two digits of the year it was made.

The following two characters represent the exact date it was made. As it follows the American standard of dates, it usually reads as the month, then the date.

Here’s an example from our very own Nike Orange Zip Up!

 Visual guide of Nike Care Label, describing what each letter and numbers mean. Season, year and date that it was made.

  • HO means it was released during the Holiday Season, from October to December
  • 12 means it was made in 2012
  • 0408 means it was made on the 8th of April

There is a video guide that uses this example on our instagram, @lborovintage

That's it! Using this method can help you identify the release and production date of a vast majority of Nike clothing, from hoodies, sweaters, jumpers, jackets, and more!

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